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Invisibility Cloak Invented

Researchers at Purdue University have developed a real-live invisibility cloak that "uses time to make things disappear." But Joseph Lukens, an electrical engineering Ph.D. candidate who just co-published his findings in Nature, says his cloak is different from the kind typically seen in flicks like "Harry Potter." "In scientific research terms, that is a spatial cloak. What we've done involves time cloaking," he helpfully explains.
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There is always something going on within Purdue and within industry. We are proud to represent a number of consultants, who are on the cutting-edge of development and technology within their respective fields. See below for just a preview of Purdue's latest advancements.
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New modeling approach transforms imaging technologies

February 2013
Researchers are improving the performance of technologies ranging from medical CT scanners to digital cameras using a system of models to extract specific information from huge collections of data and then reconstructing images like a jigsaw puzzle.

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Company strives to bring faculty closer to industry

March 2011 A new Purdue startup company will serve as a liaison between Purdue engineering faculty and industry. Purdue Engineering Consulting LLC, founded on Dec. 1, 2010, in the Purdue research park, is the brainchild of the College of Engineering Finance Committee; it provides engineering faculty strong ties to industry.

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Engineered DNA constructs as masks for nanopatterning

August 2012
 Purdue University scientists have demonstrated that DNA can be used to produce highly defined nanopatterns or nanoimprints on metal surfaces. This technology has a broad range of applications from the fabrication of nanoelectronic circuits to biological microarrays.

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Paralysis prevention technology

April 2012
Researchers with the Center for Paralysis Research in Purdue University's School of Veterinary Medicine have developed a technology that may someday prevent paralysis in humans with spinal cord injuries. The technology utilizes polyethylene glycol (PEG) to treat acute spinal cord injuries brain trauma, peripheral nerve damage or stroke. When administered within 72 hours of serious spinal injury, PEG was shown in preclinical studies to prevent or reduce permanent spinal damage in most dogs.

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Ag economist Boehlje receives Hovde Award for rural service

December 2011
Purdue University agricultural economist who has helped farmers and agribusinesses modernize their management strategies is the 2011 recipient of the Frederick L. Hovde Award of Excellence in Education Service to the Rural People of Indiana.

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BNC's Weaver recipient of the 2011 Monroe Seligman Award

April 2011
BNC's Weaver recipient of the 2011 Monroe Seligman Award by the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology

John R. Weaver, facility manager at Purdue University's Birck Nanotechnology Center, has been named a recipient of the 2011 Monroe Seligman Award by the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology. Weaver is being recognized "for his unparalleled contributions to nanotechnology research facilities in both the public and private sectors," according to the award's citation. read more

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