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Paralysis prevention technology

Researchers with the Center for Paralysis Research in Purdue University's School of Veterinary Medicine have developed a technology that may someday prevent paralysis in humans with spinal cord injuries. The technology utilizes polyethylene glycol (PEG) to treat acute spinal cord injuries brain trauma, peripheral nerve damage or stroke. When administered within 72 hours of serious spinal injury, PEG was shown in preclinical studies to prevent or reduce permanent spinal damage in most dogs.
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For Purdue Faculty

Purdue Enterprise Company (PEC) LLC delivers the problem-solving power of Purdue faculty to client companies seeking sophisticated technological solutions. 

Today’s opportunities and challenges call for new thinking and the ability to make creative connections across disciplines. Through PEC, client companies across virtually all industries gain streamlined access to the breadth and depth of Purdue Engineering’s intellectual capital. Purdue’s College of Engineering , among the largest and best in the U.S., includes 13 academic schools and departments and is ranked in the top 15 nationwide by U.S. News and World Report. Spanning the traditional engineering disciplines as well as newer ones, such as biomedical, construction, and environmental engineering, PEC’s faculty consultants combine deep technical knowledge and experience with a cross-disciplinary, collaborative approach and a customer focus that help client companies achieve their specific goals.

For Prospective Faculty Consultants

PEC offers a number of benefits to faculty consultants:

• Relationships with industry

• Exposure to interesting research questions and problems, potentially leading to research opportunities

• Income opportunity

• Enhanced recognition in field of interest

• Opportunity for collaboration and cross-disciplinary work as project scope allows

• Business support, including marketing, liability insurance, and assistance in meeting Purdue requirements for engaging in outside activities.

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